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4rd Quarter
Advanced work of self-developed service, "Piki Series"
"Piki Market" physical product sales
Launched self-developed blockchain social networking service Talk service "Pikitalk"
In progress of 2023 manufacturing data and AI analysis service portal advanced development with NHN & KoDATA
Management of manufacturing data exchange KAMP transaction operations
3rd Quarter
MOU signed with Digital Media Daily News for Metaverse Media Platform
Participation in the Development of Kyungsung University's LINC 3.0 Project
Ongoing Development and Enhancement of Piki Series Features
NHN and KoDATA jointly initiating the enhancement of the 2023 Manufacturing Data and AI Analysis Service Portal "KAMP"
Plastic Hero, Blockchain Node, and Wallet Development
Piki Promotion Event in Ulsan City's Pharmacy Fair
2nd Quarter
Plastic Hero, Commencement of Blockchain Node and Wallet Development
Participated in the 2023 World IT Show (WIS)
KHA Korea Halal Certification Center, signed a contract to drive the Blockchain Halal Certification Platform
Smony joint venture, organized the launch event for "Welcome Piki" in Thailand
1st Quarter
Development of In-house Platforms - Piki App, Piki Market(NFT Market), Piki Room (Metaverse)
Launched 4th Generation consensus algorithm DRPoS
Launched SIGMACHAIN Blockchain Mainnet, XTRION
COEX, Agreement for Successful Hosting of WIS
Commercialization of the blockchain-based service platform “Piki Series”
Patent for NFP Self-Authentication Support Methods and Devices


4th Quarter
Koongworld, Development of Blockchain-based Music Service (Global Music Direct Trading Web Service)
Koongworld, Development of Blockchain-based Talk Service
Koongworld, Additional Development
Signed MOU with 'Korea Electric Vehicle Engineers Associate'
Signed MOU with 'Godowon morning letter' Foundation, Establish web 3.0 ecosystem
Global KPOP audition (NFT related) in progress and business agreement with 'SMONY'
Meeting for MOU with 'ChainMyne' (Montreal, Canada)
3rd Quarter
Development of Blockchain-based NFT Platform \'Guru-teogi\'
Co-initiation by KAIST, NHN, KoDATA, AI Manufacturing Data Service Portal Enhancement Project "KAMP"
Development Consultation and Advisory for Piki Project
Signed MOU with 'Lawfirm Onnuri', Blockchain based business
Signed MOU with 'Xperon', Blockchain based unmanned platform
Signed MOU with 'KoDATA' & 'Wisewires'
Proceed with 'SMONY', KPOP audition in Thailand
2nd Quarter
DuBhe, Maintenance of Alios 2.0 Blockchain API
Signed MOU with 'OhDaeKyo LAB'
Financial platform partnership with 'HuBox'
Launched NFT market, 'Owner Market Global'
Signed MOU with 'LBS Pay'
Signed MOU with 'Koong World'
1st Quarter
Consultation Services and Planning Consultation Contracts
DuBhe - Development of Alios 2.0 Blockchain API
Signed MOU with ‘MINTPLEX’, Blockchain based financial services
Developed and launched NFT market “Owner Market”
Signed MOU with ‘Kyemongsa’


4th Quarter
AwaSoft, Consultation and Pilot Development of Blockchain NFT Technology
Metaverse Land, Development of Uiseong Metaverse NFT Application Website
Signed MOU with ‘WOWNFT’
Signed MOU with ‘HuBox’, Blockchain based e-commerce business promotion
3rd Quarter
Development and Supply of Blockchain Exchange Website "KORWAP"
Launched NFT market development
Signed MOU with ‘KPOP Holdings’
Developed blockchain, utilizing NFT with ‘KAMP(Korea AI Manufacturing Platform)’
Signed MOU with ‘Xperon’
2nd Quarter
STRM NFT Market Development
Real Research App Development
Metaverse Land, Construction of Exchange Website (User Interface, Exchange Trading Implementation, and Other Deposit/Withdrawal-related Development)
Programmed ‘Care Chat’ by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
Provided Mainnet to ‘KAMP(Korea AI Manufacturing Platform)’
Launched NSTA-602 (NFT Standard Protocol)
Blockchain Location-based Delivery App "SNAC EATS" Development and Supply
Metaverse Land, Development of Exchange Platform (Exchange Chart Development)
Blockchain software capable of operation corresponding SQL query, blockchain system, and method of thereofPatent Application Number (10-2019-0020756)
Signed MOU with ‘Mining Mouse’


4th Quarter
Concel, Service Development and Supply (Android Application, Admin Tools, and Related Server Development)
Beomil Information, Blockchain Mainnet Consultation
Signed MOU with ‘Busan City Korea Federation of Micro Enterprise’
3rd Quarter
Launched Mainnet 3.0
2nd Quarter
Provided Mainnet to ‘Real Research’ platform (3.5 million members)
1st Quarter
Aladdin Pro Blockchain Wallet Development

2019 3Q - 4Q

SIGMACHAIN Network Alliance Inaugural Meeting
2019 Blockchain Symposium Participation
5th Level-X Open Tech Day Participation
USA talks with USAKO Group Begin
2019 Los Angeles Crypto Invest Summit Participation
2019 IFIC Seoul Participation
2019 Hashnet Blockchain Conference Participation
Confederation of Indian Industry Conference Participation
Hosted the Daegu Blockchain Heatup
Participated in the 2019 Yeosu MegaBounx HipHop Festival
Established the branch office of SIGMACHAIN in Saipan
SIGMACHAIN mainnet was selected for “Busan Blockchain Regulation Free Zone”
Signed a business agreement with YBL (Yonsei Blockchain LAB)
Signed MOU with Vietnam's blockchain Shimex media for strategic alliance

2019 1Q - 2Q

Signed a business contract with the WelcomeDecent
Signed MOU with KUKY regarding blockchain business
Signed MOU with Publish regarding blockchain business
Signed MOU with Taekwon Block (Taekwondo Blockchain Ecosystem)
Scowic, Mainnet Supply
SIGMACHAIN Network Alliance(SNA) Launched
Signed MOU with HANBITCO regarding blockchain business
Signed MOU with Aisa Blockchain Public Service Association regarding blockchain business
Signed MOU with Conun Korea regarding blockchain business
Signed MOU with TAHNK to supply mainnet
Signed MOU with Media Bean for the promotion of technology exchange
Signed MOU with Lfix regarding blockchain business
Signed MOU with BITONBAY regarding blockchain business

2018 3Q - 4Q

Signed MOU with “Smart Data Bank” regarding the cooperation of blockchain based small and medium enterprises.
Signed MOU with “Korea Medium and Small Industry Managers Association” regarding the cooperation of blockchain based small and medium enterprises.
Signed MOU with GS One and Global O20 Platform based on GS1 Standard.
Signed contract with Monster Cube
Signed MOU with Linker Korea's BitNaru Exchange
Signed MOU with Bluebelt Korea regarding blockchain business
Signed MOU with MetaMorph
Participation in 'K-SWC 2019 ANSWER'
Participation in 2018 Blockchain Keyference
Participation in Gold Funds & Korea meetup
Participation in the Blockchain Leadership Summit, Switzerland (Won First Prize at Pitch deck competition)
Signed contract with Cadio Healthcare
Paticipation at WorldCryptoCon held in Las Vegas
Signed MOU with L.FIX to provide blockchain mainnet
Signed MOU with Metabuild for Construction of Block Chain-Based IOT/Smart City Services
Signed MOU with Blockchain Forum Korea
Signed MOU with Awasoft for the establishment of blockchain-based payment service
Signed MOU with Namu Technologies for the promotion of technology exchange
Signed contract with Neo Company - a Japanese cosmetics firm
KOLAS verified the results of SIGMACHAIN V1.0 Test
Signed MOU with LIKER WORLD - a blockchain based educational content platform
Signed MOU with Wowsoft for building blockchain-based printout security solutions
Participation in K-BlockChain held at COEX, Seoul
Trademark registration (Application no. 40-2018-0099716)
Trademark registration (Application no. 40-2018-0099718)
Trademark registration (Application no. 40-2018-0099720)
Trademark registration (Application no. 40-2018-0099724)

2018 1Q - 2Q

Filed the patent application for DDPoS consensus algorithm (Application number 10-2018-0045957)
Won the Grand Prize at Global Economic and Cultural Development in 2018.


Development of Personal live streaming media servers
Starting R&D for blockchain algorithm


Launching the SNS application “Touch”


Launching Cloud Streaming Service “CANCAN”


Development of Real-Time Video Transmission Service for CCTV


Launching the development of SK Telecom CCTV Service “SMARTKEEPER”