Our goal is to deliver
on the promise of decentralization

Empowering businesses to
integrate blockchain
with our innovative in-house technology.

Sigmachain is pioneering
the new era in blockchain.

Sigma Chain is the global leader in advisory, research, and development of customized blockchain technology. Our mission is to help integrate blockchain technology by creating scalable, real-world solutions perfectly tailored to meet end-user needs.

Blockchain, at the moment is slow and full of complicated processes that make mass adoption difficult. Data suggests the massive conversion to blockchain is still a long way off.

We help customers harness the power of blockchain for their business. Sigmachain’s engineers have a track record of research and development for some of the most complex organizations and this has given us a unique edge to innovate real-world solutions.

Our research team is
fast, innovative,
and in-house

All our technology is developed from in-house technology, without relying on 3rd party software, which makes us highly scalable. Our expertise will enable all our customers to request customized features which we could build in-house.

We make it
easy for developers
to integrate blockchain

Many blockchain solutions can be difficult to adapt because they are hard-coded, often forcing programmers to learn new programming languages.

Developers are important to Sigmachain’s growth. This is why we have taken the hassle out of writing a new coding language. We make developing on blockchain easy with our API list.

  • Compile smart contracts on the computer without uploading them to the mainnet.
  • Craft application and services without having to learn a new programming language.
DDPoS: Our technology
to unleash the next stage
blockchain 4.0

A speed of 300,000 TPS certified by 72 countries.
Because Sigmachain mainnet handles up to 300,000 TPS, this means more applications, services and business can shift to a blockchain platform.
We envision more entrepreneurs and businesses could create tokenized economies with Sigmachain’s technologies.

Blockchain 4.0

2019 JAN

DDPoS (Dual delegated proof-of-stake)


Blockchain 3.0

2018 JAN

DPoS(Delegated proof-of-stake)


Blockchain 2.0

2015 JUL

POW + Smart Contracts


Blockchain 1.0


POW (Proof-of-work)

Simple ledger


Future vision is
to decentralize the world

Sigmachain has solid foundation for scalable decentralized technology with core R&D done by professional scientists.

We are focused on new partnerships and new talent to join our team.