What isSNA? (Sigmachain Network Association)

  • Although the block chain is a catalyst to broaden the digital world, there is a limit to how innovation can be achieved by technology alone.
    The Sigma Chain has grown based on the experience of developing Cyworld, the first SNS platform in Korea.
    Based on this experience, we can provide you with a complete solution utilizing the accumulated experience of online SNS business and Sigma Chain’s technology.
  • Using the inhouse built mainnet technology, Sigma Chain is planning to provide its mainnet services
    for SNS, entertainment, life, fashion, healthcare, sports, etc. in order to rapidly grow.
  • These mainnets operate independently and are connected to the master mainnet of the Sigma Chain,
    enabling mutual verification and additional synergy effects,
    and thereby expanding the blockchain network ecosystem using blockchain technology.


We support the development and marketing of each main coin so that we can build our own ecosystem to attract various tokens.

By forming a coin trading market to activate the Sigma chain network, we act as the SNA world's key currency.

We will create a synergy environment where mainnets and DApps belonging to SNA can have win-win situation through mutual marketing cooperation.

We provide a marketplace where people can exchange, buy and sell coins and tokens of services in the Sigma Chain network.


Sigma Chain is planning
to provide its mainnet services
for each sector.

  • SNSMainnet (SNS Portal)
  • Enter-
    Mainnet (Enter-
    tainment Portal)
  • LifeMainnet (Life Portal)
  • FashionMainnet (Fashion Portal)
  • HealthcareMainnet (Medical Portal)
  • SportsMainnet (Sports Portal)
  • financeMainnet (Financial Portal)
  • OtherMainnet (Other Portal)

Only SNA offers

  • Marketing
  • Development
  • SNA PG
  • SNA Exchange

SNA Exchange

  • ·A market where you can exchange coins
    or buy and sell coins and tokens for services
    in a Sigma network.
  • ·By forming a coin exchange market
    to activate the Sigma Chain network, it plays
    the role of SNA's key currency.