Jinyoung Kwak

CEO / CTOJinyoung Kwak

He studied Computer Science at Griffith University and had a Master's degree in computer science. He developed Cyworld that the first Social Media in korea as a Software Engineer at Maxautomation. After that, passed through a Saycupid CTO, He had appointed an adjunct professor in the Department of Game Technology. He has been regarded as a Social Media information technical expert in solution(DB) Analysis & Design and the field of consulting. He won the Blockchain of Innovation Award at the Grobal Economy Cultural development in 2018. Now He is taking Futurepia Service as a CEO and hold additional post of Sigma Chain founder.

Dennis Oh

COODennis Oh

He is a Chief Operating Officer with a history of understanding dozens of successful mergers and acquisitions consulting and understanding business models in various fields through more than 2,000 enterprise consulting. He has a career that had negotiated a deal with successful M&A consulting for several times. Also He who was a representative director in a Saving Bank and Nexus Investment Company in the past was listed on KOSDAQ (Modia, Netmarble) two times. He has a planning ability that can develop business model and makes to improve the developed model standed on the basis of value-chain.

Jinyoung Kwak

AdvisorYongjoon Hyoung

He impacted Korean internet market hugely by founding the world first socialnetwork,, and single community , Also founded the world first VideoWiki platform, storyblender which was picked as Techcrunch40 Finalist. He also founded (a Korean

Yongjun Hyung

CMOJangjun Yun

Currently, he is the Director of Technical Marketing for Sigma Chain, CEO of Doobe Co., Ltd., and Technical Adviser for Korea Software Industry Association. In the past, Shinhan Bank operated a smart task force and has experience in building a personal information management system based on block chains at Shinhan Bank. In addition, he has built a video evidence analysis system based on the Artificial Intelligence of the Police Agency and has a history of making Big Data POC production center with Google at LG Display. In addition, he built Hyundai and Kia Motors g-CRM / GVOCM.



Signed MOU with TAHNK to supply mainnet


Signed MoU with "Smart Data Bank" regarding the cooperation of blockchain based small and medium enterprises.
Signed MoU with "Korea Medium and Small Industry Managers Association" regarding the cooperation of blockchain based small and medium enterprises.
Signed MoU with GS One and Global O20 Platform based on GS1 Standard.
Signed contract with Monster Cube
Signed MoU with Linker Korea's BitNaru Exchange
Signed MoU with Bluebelt Korea regarding blockchain business
Signed MoU with MetaMorph
Participation in 'K-SWC 2019 ANSWER'
Participation in 2018 Blockchain Keyference
Participation in Gold Funds & Korea meetup
Participation in the Blockchain Leadership Summit, Switzerland (Won First Prize at Pitch deck competition)
Signed contract with Cadio Healthcare
Paticipation at WorldCryptoCon held in Las Vegas
Signed MoU with L.FIX to provide blockchain mainnet
Signed MoU with Metabuild for Construction of Block Chain-Based IOT/Smart City Services
Signed MoU with Blockchain Forum Korea
Signed MoU with Awasoft for the establishment of blockchain-based payment service
Signed MoU with Namu Technologies for the promotion of technology exchange
Signed contract with Neo Company - a Japanese cosmetics firm
KOLAS verified the results of Sigmachain V1.0 Test
Signed MoU with LIKER WORLD - a blockchain based educational content platform
Signed MoU with Wowsoft for building blockchain-based printout security solutions
Participation in K-BlockChain held at COEX, Seoul
Trademark registration (Application no. 40-2018-0099716)
Trademark registration (Application no. 40-2018-0099718)
Trademark registration (Application no. 40-2018-0099720)
Trademark registration (Application no. 40-2018-0099724)
Signed MoU with COWEYE SGPTE
Filed the patent application for DDPoS consensus algorithm (Application number 10-2018-0045957)
Won the Grand Prize at Global Economic and Cultural Development in 2018.


Development of Personal live streaming media servers

Starting R&D for blockchain algorithm


Launching the SNS application "Touch"


Launching Cloud Streaming Service "CANCAN"


Development of Real-Time Video Transmission Service for CCTV


Participates in the RFID/IOT International Conference

Launching the development of SK Telecom CCTV Service "SMARTKEEPER"